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      In every discipline, Tufts empowers students to be advocates for social change. Beyond classroom learning, Tufts students learn how to foster collaborative partnerships and creative problem solving that impacts others on campus and around the world.




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        Prepares students to become engaged public citizens and community leaders who will help build a more equitable world.

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        In preparation for their role as care providers and community leaders, medical students work directly with community organizations as collaborators, mentors, and educators. 

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        Tisch College houses the Tufts chapter of Jumpstart, a national early education organization that recruits and trains college students and community members to serve preschool children in low-income neighborhoods.

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        Tufts' umbrella organization for 30+ service groups across campus.pus

      • bbin在线游戏

        A group of Tufts alumni interested in having social impact to network, collaborate, and help current students drive social change.A group for Tufts alumni interested in the social impact field to network with each other, collaborate, and help current students drive social change.

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        Develops effective, ethical leaders who are driven to comprehend complexity, reflect cultural and political nuance, and engage as responsible global citizens in confronting the world's most pressing problems.

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